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Author: Reality

Chace Vineski

424 Blue Haven Dr. Kingsport, TN 37663

Joined In Jan 2019

About Me

Hello all! My name is Chace and I moved to northeast TN as a kid from PA and that's where I remain today. I still haven't picked up a southern accent btw. After I changed my degree several times in college at ETSU, with enough credit hours to have nearly 2 masters, I ended up with a degree in Public Health Administration. I tried that out for a bit but found it wasn't for me. From there I worked briefly in sports where I had brief ambitions to become a Sports Broadcaster (people say I have the voice for it) but learned after a little while that working in sports took away my passion for sports so I finally took the plunge into what I was destined to become...an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur in many facets at that. One of which is product creation. With no engineering background, I created a rough prototype of my fitness safety device that is currently patent pending. Through networking my butt off, I was able to find local professionals who helped me in my entrepreneurial quest, including engineering, marketing, business development etc. It was about a year later when I met Chris Fraser at the co-working center where I run my business out of in Kingsport. I learned what he does for a living as it pertains to reality capture technology and my eyes lit up as it reverted back to my "Book of Invention/Business Ideas". I won't go into detail yet about what that business idea was but let's just say it was full steam ahead in wanting to partner with Chris with many different facets of the reality capture market. With my great interest in the business side of things as well as my skills in sales, I knew to partner with Chris, who we all know to be an absolute expert in this field, could yield some pretty awesome results! So our company, Unboxed Reality LLC, is currently what I spend most of my working time doing and I know the sky is the limit for not only us but for all RCE members! Also on the side, I am getting into some voice-over work which has always been an interest of mine going back to when I would do voice-overs for nearly the entire cast of Shrek as a kid in the DVD voice-over special feature. Having been in multiple plays on stage also sparked my interest in doing voice-overs. Also, I am a fitness junkie as well as a board member of 2 local non-profits: Young Professionals of the Tri-Cities and The Inventor Center, a community maker space for makers, artisans and entrepreneurs to better their skills/craft.


424 Blue Haven Dr. Kingsport, TN 37663



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